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Welcome to the LibreNetwork Project!


Welcome to the Orlando division of a proposed national meshnet. If you wish to learn more about the meshnet, see the subreddit ">/r/darknetplan.

This site is to help provide information on the ORL Mesh and connecting to it. Right now, we are in very early stages! The mesh is highly experimental and technical knowledge is almost a must. Essentially, the goal is to link all "meshes" in Orlando to one giant "Orlando mesh" which will then link up to a Tampa mesh, Miami mesh, etc to form a "Florida mesh" to then link up wide scale. If you're interested, add yourself to the darknet map. I am located near Disney World Resort.

What we plan to grow out is a TCP/IP based mesh. This is simply for compatibility with existing frameworks, stacks, protocols, equipment, etc. We know that by basing it off of TCP/IP, we have room to grow and that we can follow the KISS method: Keep It Stupid Simple. In experimental phases, we will be running off of IPv4, however, should and when the mesh grows to the point to become large-scale, we will convert over to IPv6.

This site is under construction and more information will be posted when available.

Recent News

  • 3/10/2021 - LibreNetwork re-launches.
  • 12/11/2012 - Orlando Meshnet moves to as primary domain.
  • 5/20/2012 - ORL Mesh announces choosing BATMAN for routing
  • 5/19/2012 - We have a new logo!
  • 3/31/2012 - We have implemented our Code of Conduct. Please read it as going forward all members need to abide by it.
  • 1/19/2012 - Did you miss our SOPA protest? View our block page! We also gave our main page a much needed overhaul!

Points of Interest


IMPORTANT: The ways we process new members has changed! If you'd like to join our project, join our discussion mailing list and send an introduction email to the list.

Join the discussion mailing list:

We have many needs for non-technical positions or people without networking experience. Simply just ask the list!